John Vasiliou Landscape Design, Ltd. is a boutique firm that combines meticulous product, exceptional service and competitive pricing. The client will never be handed off to subordinates to accommodate their needs. As the principle of the firm, John Vasiliou will handle nearly all client interaction and encourages open communication via all available digital outlets: voicemail, email, text.

The following six steps describe our process

Pre-Design Step One

Initial conversation (Phone)

  1. Goals discussed
  2. Suggested investment levels discussed
  3. Design/Build process explained

Step Two

Initial meeting (In-Person)

  1. Design program discussed
  2. Suggested investment levels discussed
  3. Brainstorming session for design ideas
  4. Design/Build Agreement explained
  5. Existing portfolio reviewed

Step Three

Formulation of program and budget (Remote)

  1. Generation of suggested pricing
  2. Submission of a written proposal
Step Four

Follow up (Phone)

  1. Clarification of all question/concerns
  2. Review site again if necessary

At this juncture, the client has committed to moving forward with JVLD…

Design Step Five

Execution of Agreement (Remote or In-person)

  1. Transaction of deposit (design only) or engagement fee (design/build).

Step Six

Design Development (Remote & In-person)

  1. Site analysis
  2. Concept Generation
  3. Presentation of concepts
  4. Revisions*
  5. Presentation of final design development drawings (schematic level detail).
  6. Generation of rendered digital 3D model (when appropriate).
  7. Written detailed installation proposal (design/build scenario).

* Revisions are unlimited provided a 10% engagement fee for Design/Build services has been transacted.

Step Seven Build

Implementation (In-person)

  1. Material purchasing
  2. Schedule formulation
  3. Mobilization of human and material resources
  4. Construction
  5. Management of subcontractors (if applicable)
  6. Conduct periodic walkthroughs for client review
  7. Completion of project initiates warranty period