Our firm offers services in the following arrangements:

  1. Design/Build (JVLD designs and builds, turn-key). NOTE: This is the preferred methodology for local/regional JVLD projects.
  2. Design Only (JVLD design but implementation is by others.) NOTE: This is preferred methodology for non-local JVLD projects.
  3. Joint Ventures (JVLD partners with and/or represents a trusted landscape contractor). NOTE: This methodology is used when a high quality contractor requests JVLD to represent design division of their firm.

The Design/Build approach is our preferred methodology for producing our gardens. Our mission is to create a project that meets both the fiscal and aesthetic expectations of the client. JVLD encourages the client to express their interests and goals, from which a design program is written with the budget and/or suggested investment levels communicated. Successful projects occur when we use our listening skills to the client’s vision. We transform the client’s design program into a garden through the professional design guidance.