"I just wanted to thank you again for coming by yesterday. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Your passion and talent for your work definitely came through. I very much appreciate the suggestions and thoughts you offered for our project and hopefully we will be able to work together on it. Regardless of what happens with this one, I look forward to many future collaborations."

Shannon Comer | SC Architects

“Thanks for the excellent presentation on the importance of place and the relationship between landscape and architecture. These are issues that most people take for granted until reminded, especially as eloquently as you did. We appreciate your seminar and your other contributions through the AIA Baltimore…”

Karen | Baltimore City

“I want to thank you for your hard work and artistic vision in creating our landscape design. George and I agree that having you design our home’s landscape was one of the best decisions we made during this whole renovation process. I also want you to know I appreciate how accessible and patient you’ve been with us throughout the process. You never turned away our myriad questions. Your professionalism, specialized knowledge and personability really made for a great design experience. I recently came across a statistic that says that 85% of a person’s success is due to their skill of personability. If that statistic is true, you have nothing but success in your future.”

George & Maria | Baltimore County

“It has been a pleasure working with you the past several years and I wish to complement you as a professional in your field. From the initial design and you generated for our front yard, we feel that you have gone our of your way to give us a high level of service. We realize that you are not the least expensive but know that we are receiving exceptional service, that you are accessible and that you take ownership of our project. Knowing we can count on you to deliver what you promise with quality and expertise is worth the premium."

Mike & Bernice | Howard County

“We recently sold the house on ____________ Way that you landscaped for us two years ago. A big thank you is in order because we received significantly more than the asking price, and the buyer specifically mentioned the landscaping as one reason they moved quickly with an offer. I believe that the work you did added significant value to our home and resulted in a much more attractive initial presentation to potential buyers. The house was on the market for only two days. I did not initially believe that a large investment in landscaping would add similar value but I am a believer now. So thanks for your efforts, which were always professional, thorough and service oriented. Now that we have completed the move and are installing a pool at the new house, it’s time to thank about sharpening your pencil for the next job! We look forward to working with you in the future on the new house.”

David & Lee-Ann | Howard County (First Home)

"I have to tell you something about the second poolscape that you design for my husband and I. To be honest, I am a bit frustrated with you, here’s why. Whenever I walk into my backyard, I literally lose track of time. I can waste a whole afternoon enjoying my pool and garden, kind of like, getting ‘lost in a movie’. All the credit for producing such a wonderful outdoor environment goes to you, thanks for transforming our backyard into an oasis!"

Lee-Ann | Howard County (Second Home)

"I was certain that the amount that I spent on the garden and pool for my second home was going to never be recouped if we sold the house, but I was wrong…again. This being the second home you’ve landscaped, we received an offer, over our asking price, in a horrible economy. I am certain this would have been impossible were it not for the signature garden that attracted the buyer."

 | Howard County (Second Home)

"Thank you for all your efforts throughout our landscaping project. Your services from developing the design, to selection of the plantings, to the construction and installation of the walkway were all very professional. You worked closely with us on landscaping concepts to implement all of our preferences. We were left with a yard and entry that we love to come home to every night. And, the best part is that it is low maintenance. Even watering and lighting has been made simple by the flip of a switch. You are a joy to work with as you shed light on concepts to personalize a space to fit our needs. You truly have vision when it comes to landscaping."

Theresa & Chris
| Delaware

"Consider this to be a highly enthusiastic recommendation for John Vasiliou and his extraordinary team of workers. I have had the pleasure of working with John for the past three years and he has transformed my home landscaping from routine to breathtaking. John is unique in that he blends his own creative ideas with his client’s personal desires. He presents his new plans but listens carefully to his client’s wishes, never trying to force his visions on your not getting offended if you do not like his ideas. An added bonus to using John’s company are his workmen, who are courteous accommodating and careful with the plants already on site. Best of all, they, like John, seem to genuinely enjoy creating something beautiful. With his professional demeanor and perfectionist tendencies, you can be sure that John will markedly improve and revitalize your home landscaping."

 | Howard County

"My wife and I thank you so very much for your hard work. As you know, we received your name from our neighbor up the street and we were pleased to see that you maintained your reputation as a competent designer as well as one who services his clients. We were particularly impressed with your expeditious handling of some plant material that needed to be replaced; you did it quickly and with a smile. We will wholeheartedly recommend you to our friends!"

Stuart | Montgomery County

"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for me providing high quality planting design this past year. Your exquisite planting/garden design has exceeded my expectations. You seem to always be able to meet our collective vision without extended dialogue. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Don | Fairfax County

"We are very pleased with the work that you design and put in for us. The front of our home has really been given a fresh look that turned out even better than we had envisioned. Your workers worked very hard and were extremely polite. I was impressed at how neat they kept the workplace. Each evening, after a long hot day of work, they cleaned up before leaving the job. Additionally, the project was promptly completed. You kept our satisfaction with the project as your main priority. All of our requests were met with a ‘no problem’ attitude. I was impressed with your integrity when you volunteered that less planting then originally had been used resulting in a credit to our balance. We will be proud to show our friends your work and will recommend your company to anyone considering home improvement."

Richard | Montgomery County

"Your service and professionalism has way exceeded our expectations! You’ve made a $1M home look like $2M! We can’t wait to work on the backyard with you."

Theresa & Jim | Howard County

"My trust in JVLD has developed over the past year as the integrity, knowledge, skills and honest of your workmanship have become known. These traits begin with you John and include all of the people working with your organization. John, you have shown to be a painstaking planner, a patient exacting designer who takes the time not only to make thoughtful, detailed drawings but to explain them carefully and understandably to your clients. As a result, there have been no ‘breakdowns’ in communication or unexpected surprises as the project proceeded. I have had the feeling, supported by the end of the project analysis, that the prices are fair and that in the end, the quality and thoroughness of the work justify the costs. It is the quality that most highly recommends JVLD. The work which you have done for me has been uniformly superior, from such relatively mundane improvements as the reworking of the drainage downspouts to the beautifully constructed and artistically designed front entry way. I would only add that each of the people related to JVLD have been a pleasure to deal with, I feel comfortable having them around my home. John, my praises of your company and your subordinates all stem from the pleasure of dealing with you."

Pat & Kelly | Baltimore County

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how thrilled my husband and I are with our yard. After such a nightmare experience with those other firms, it has been nothing short of wonderful working with you. We sure learned to do it right the first time!!! We were so lucky to find you. You are so dedicated to your profession and so conscientious about your work, that it just reflects in everything you do. We can’t wait to continue onto our next projects! With you at the helm, we’re sure it won’t be anything less than fantastic. Thanks again for all the super work! We will be in touch soon to do more on the woodlands plantings."

Harvey & Jan | Baltimore County

"Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful landscape work you did for us on our new house. With things probably at the worst, because of the winter, the compliments from friends and neighbors have been outstanding. We really appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into the planning. You were able to take our vague ideas and turn them into reality. I especially appreciate the quality of the structural things you did, such as foundation for the wall as well as the drainage. Your ideas about stone and the use of it on the house itself were super. The travertine walkways and pool deck are gorgeous. Of all the contractors working on the house, you were the best. You did exactly what you said you would and in a timely fashion."

Jim & Mary | Calvert County

"We wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in helping us establish our garden for our new home. You have worked with us for several months, even before our house was complete, discussing the details and coordinating issues involved in the installation process. Even after the majority of the work was complete, you have been a good resource for us when it comes to questions, concerns, ideas and maintenance of the installed landscaping. We were especially impressed with the ‘hardscape’ including the water features, rocks and retaining walls. One of our friends was so certain that the boulder waterfall, stream and pond was original to the site, he inquired about our homebuilder, mistakenly complementing him for building a wonderful home adjacent to a natural spring! The large size of the pond has allowed us to keep large fish and installed a large number of aquatic plants, which add a great feel to the back patio. The waterfall leading to the pond has provided us with many pleasant nights of listening to the water and frogs from our deck. We look forward to working with you on future project and would be happy to recommend you to anyone that inquires."

Kris & Joe | Anne Arundel County

"We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did for us this summer. The design of the new approach to our front door is exactly what we wanted. Thank you for your patience and ideas in working with us on the design. Everyone raves about how classy it is and our neighbors are inspired to start thinking about changing their entrance ways. We were most pleased with the skill and care that the workmen took to build the project. Your project manager always listened carefully and communicated well with us. Thanks again for a superb job and making us thrilled every time we approach our home now."

Al & Freidel | Howard County

"My wife and I would like to thank you for all your efforts in developing the landscape for home. We know that we went through multiple variations of the concept design and really feel that your diligence helped present us with a complete picture of the available options. The element that most excited us was the covered pavilion, outdoor kitchen and fireplace. Finally, your ability to render the CAD plans into a 3D presentation was especially effective. We hope that we can continue our relationship with you on future projects."

Richard & Trina | Anne Arundel County

"We were so very pleased with the parterre garden you designed for our home. The fire accents and water features have amazed our friends, we genuinely appreciate your design guidance during the course of this project. The thoughtful choice of materials, plant material and pool/spa design all create a setting that is a true pleasure to behold."

Kathy & Brian | Fredericksburg

"After having contacted me immediately and explaining how you worked, I liked the idea of having a landscape architect connected to a company with an implementation arm. After meeting with the landscape architect during the early phases of construction of our new home and you introduced some really interesting ideas that enhanced what I visualized for my landscape/hardscape plan.  After hearing some of your thoughts, I gave you free reign, and you came back with an awesome plan!"

Peter & Jennifer | Anne Arundel County